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Geppino's - Niagara Falls, Canada
December 3, 2006

Recently, Italian Carousel met with our friends over the Canadian border at Geppino's Food Market. What a wonderful store, tucked away in in neighborhood side street in exciting downtown Niagara Falls, Ontario. Joe Capogreco and his Italian Carousel staff & family took in a performance at the Niagara on the Lake Shaw Festival series ('Gypsy') and then shopped for some of our favorite Italian foods. Geppino's also has a large selection of Italian music CD's and DVD's. In fact, some of the music that you hear weekly on Italian Carousel has been provided by Geppino's Food Market (5504 Lewis St., Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada 905-356-9715). If you go, be sure to mention to Italo that Joe Capogreco sent you...

Driving directions to Geppino's:

  1. Take I-490 W. to NYS THRUWAY
  2. Merge onto I-90 W / NEW YORK STATE TRWY W (Portions toll). 41.5 miles Map
  3. Merge onto I-290 W / YOUNGMANN EXPY via EXIT 50 toward NIAGARA FALLS. 9.8 miles Map
  4. Merge onto NEW YORK STATE TRWY / I-190 N toward NIAGARA FALLS (Portions toll). 7.8 miles Map
  5. Take the R. MOSES PKWY exit- EXIT 21- toward NIAGARA RESERVATION / STATE PARK. 0.2 miles Map
  6. Merge onto ROBERT MOSES STATE PKWY N. 3.0 miles Map
  7. Take the exit. 0.2 miles Map
  8. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto QUAY ST. < 0.1 miles Map
  9. QUAY ST becomes JOHN B DALY BLVD. 0.3 miles Map
  10. Turn LEFT onto NIAGARA ST. 0.6 miles Map
  11. NIAGARA ST becomes RAINBOW BRIDGE (Portions toll). 0.3 miles Map
  12. RAINBOW BRIDGE becomes ROBERTS ST. 0.4 miles Map
  13. Turn LEFT onto POWELL AVE. < 0.1 miles Map
  14. Turn LEFT onto LEWIS AVE. < 0.1 miles Map
  15. End at 5504 Lewis Ave
    Niagara Falls, ON CA


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